Solidarity4All - against outlawing and deportation camps

Protest camp on 4.-7. of August 2016


"Refugees welcome" was the call last summer. Since then much has
happened. Asylum laws were massively tightened, the number of racist
attacks on refugee camp increased, the EU-refugee-deal with Turkey marks
a new climax of European policies of foreclosure.
The increasing brutality of deportation policies and outlawing do not
only affect refugees at the EU-border but also here in Germany.
In September 2015 two so-called arrival and repatriation centers (ARE)
were established in Bavaria - in Manching/Ingolstadt and in Bamberg.
People in these camps are being marginalized, disfranchised and
deported. We want to express our solidarity with refugees in public
action. This summer we are going to show our protest on the streets - in
form of a protest camp in Bamberg.
Join the protest - join the camp on 4. to 7. of august 2016 in Bamberg.

Special camps in Bavaria - systematic outlawing and deprivation of rights

The mass camps in Bamberg and Manching/ingolstadt were planned by the
Bavarian government for people of so-called "secure countries of
origin". The concept of "secure countries of origin" gathers countries
on a list that are considered as save. People of these countries hardly
have chances of getting a protection status in Germany. The list of
"secure countries of origin" is continuously extended, last year by
Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.
Next will be Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.
The political strategy is to frighten people from countries of the West
Balkans and to refuse more and more people a regular asylum procedure.
Cut off from society and held in inhuman housing conditions, a
fast-track asylum procedure is executed that shall last only three weeks
including deadlines, imposed on legal actions.
In almost every case it ends with a rejection of the application for
asylum. Every week collective deportations take place in the ARE in
Bamberg. So far many Rom*nija were deported and therefor affiliated to a
group which is particularly strongly affected by racism and whose life
situation in countries of the West Balkans is catastrophic. Many
Rom*nija already lived in Germany for a long time, were fetched away
from their houses and brought to the ARE. Further groups of refugees
face a transfer to the ARE and subsequent deportations - either because
allegedly there country of origin is secure or they are accused not
having assisted sufficiently enough in their own deportation.

Subdivision into "good" and bad refugees

People flee because of various reasons, from poverty, war, sexism,
homophobia, political prosecution and ecological catastrophes etc.
Others leave their home because they don't have any working perspectives
there. Many of these reasons are also caused by governments and economic
groups of industrialized countries. Only a part of these causes of
migration count as reason for granting asylum. Only people from
industrialized countries are entitled to free migration.
Only few reach Europe. Those who come to Germany are governed by
complicated asylum laws and sorted by categories like  e.g. nationality
or degree of education. More and more people are denied a perspective to
stay. Without any serious interviews the authorities seek fast-track
asylum procedures. Whether people are classified into categories "good"
or "bad" refugees is decided by economic convenience.
We decidedly oppose the categorization of people by their usability,
nationality or reason for flight. We demand a solidary and
indiscriminate admission of all refugees. No matter where or why people
come to this country. We want the right of residence and freedom of
movement for everybody.
Life conditions in isolation: Principal of restricted residence, reduced
cash benefits and lack of access to medical care, social counseling
service or legal assistance.

The asylum law was once more tightened by the asylum package II.
Refugees from so called "secure countries of origin" are forced to stay
in special repatriation centers for the entire duration of their asylum
procedure. They have to abide by restricted rules on residence within
the district of the regional aliens department. If these rules are
breached, the asylum procedure is dismissed automatically. Instead of
money people who are affected only get non-cash benefits. These benefits
are as low as to an extend, that even the federal constitutional court
of justice classified them as unconstitutional.
The government deliberately condones this constitutional breach and thus
refuses the persons concerned a humane livelihood.
Moreover, the asylum package stipulates an employment ban for the
complete duration of the asylum procedure. In case of a negative
decision, the ban is in force for the entire period of the temporary
residence status (Duldung).
The access to medical care and therapeutic facilities, which is already
insufficient in regular procedures, are aggravated even further;
school-age children don’t get access to schooling.
Charities scarcely have opportunities to access the camps and there is
hardly any social counseling available.
The answer to this growing racism has to be protest!
People who are forced to stay in the camps are not only subject to
governmental discrimination and repression, they are also target of
racist hostilities, attacks and terror.
All this takes place embedded in a social climate, within which racist
parties increasingly celebrate electoral success.
The German regional governments as well as the federal government are
creating a crisis scenario and exacerbate isolation and racist
marginalization. Living conditions and any chances of asylum are getting
worse for almost all refugees in Germany. Many live in constant fear of

We want to break through this state of isolation. Let us fight in
solidarity with everyone affected against all deportations!

Our collective protest is directed against:…
-the aggravation of asylum laws (asylum package I and II) and the
governmental deprivation of rights of all refugees.
-all deportations, always and everywhere.
-the logic of secure states of origin and asylum fast-track procedures.
-the defamation and agitation against people who are deprived of the
right to stay because they are so-called economic refugees.
-the classification of refugees as people with and without a prospect of
-the racist agitation, right-wing populism and attacks against migrants.
-the marginalization of migrants.
-against borders, against the fortress Europe and against German and
European migration policies, which are aimed at deterrence and isolation!

For an open and solidary society!
In August we want to send a message against all practices of isolation,
deprivation of rights and exclusion and we want to invite you to join us
for a protest camp!
From August 4th-7th, we want to be present directly in front of the
repatriation center (ARE) in Bamberg. We want to get in contact with the
people affected by all this, show solidarity and send a strong political
signal! With concerts, workshops, collective cooking, celebrating and
camping, legal advice and our joint protest, we want to break the
exclusion and isolation and start the project of a solidary society for
Together we want to discuss, demonstrate, and by varied actions call
attention to the situation of the people inside the camp. Together with
them, we want to fight against the racist exclusion and deportations.

Come with us to Bamberg this summer! – Against Racism, for unlimited
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contact: solidarity4all@antira.info
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Protestcamp Bamberg, 4.-7. august 2016
campaigns, workshops, concerts, discussions.
demonstration on  Saturday, the 6th of august 2016, 1pm at the main station.